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Our company was founded in 1978 as DL Communications. Our initial charter was to develop marketing collateral and provide technical documentation to organizations and businesses supporting research and development at White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico. At that time we were also heavily involved in Industrial Format photography for the generation of printed circuit boards and etched instrumentation panels for local electronic firms, the US military and the NASA - White Sands Test Facility.

As photography started to become a greater part of our business than the development of technical manuals and marketing copy, we evolved into a photographic studio specializing in Industrial macro photography and product presentation.
With the continuing investment in equipment and years of photo lab experience our transition to fine art photography was a natural further progression.

We specialize in macro / micro photography which we find useful in product shots for the jewelry and electronics industry. We also use macro photography extensively in our nature and fine art images. Additionally we capture environmental portraits for corporate image cultivation and create head shots and portfolios for artists, models and performers.

While we no longer shoot weddings, we do pro-bono event photography for non-profit groups focused on community arts and cultural outreach programs. Interested, qualifying groups in the southern California area should contact Dennis Logue directly at: dennis@dlvcinc.com

We have an extensive inventory of equipment and even maintain working antique film cameras for both investment and special circumstances. Our equipment pool includes film cameras in 35 mm, 645 and 6x7 format and we lease additional equipment for special jobs requiring larger film formats.

We shoot digital in 4 Mp, 6 Mp, 8 Mp, and 12 Mp (mostly Nikon), and also use the Fuji dedicated 9 Mp Infrared / UV camera (IS-1) for special effects and forensic images.

Our studio / location lighting includes multiple sets of incandescent and flash systems as well as a gas generator for portability of lighting and computer equipment to remote locations.

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