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plants .: flora
A collection of floral photographs from around the world. All of the photos in this section are available for reprints or stock rights license  more »
fauna animals insects .: fauna
Animals and insects in interesting poses and settings  more »
fine art .: fine art
High reaolution photographs of Flora, Fauna, Wabi-sabi and other unusual natural subjects in unusual perspective .  more »
sexual sensuous flowers .: florotica
An intimate and sensous collection of macro floral photography. Images are each shown as HiRes digital and simulated painted renderings  more »
macro close-up microphotography .: macro
Close-up and micro-photography of common items from an uncommon perspective.  more »
textures backgrounds wabi-sabi .: texture
Natural textures od sand, rocks, plants and Wabi-sabi. These images are available as full size prints or in multiple resolutions for use as digital backgrounds on Websites and printed media. more »
scapes landscapes sea-scapes nihght-scapes .: scapes
Landscapes, Sea-scapes, Night-scapes and City-scapes. All of these pictures are for re-print and license with the exception of the two Disney property photos which require special licensing. more »
people .: people
Examples of commissioned event and protrait work. These photos are not available for sale but in most cases the subjects and models are available for new commission work. Pleas Email your request.  more »
action sports aviation .: action
Shots of surfing, skimboardng, volleyball, "Over-the-line" and other events This section also includes shots of fire fighting air support during the 2006 and 2007 Anaheim fires in SoCal. more »
humor esoterica .: eclectic / misc
Product shots, Wabi-Sabi, humor and unusual images that just don't fit in the other categories.  more »
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